About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Type 06 FFL Manufacturer 

Made in the USA


As a family-owned business, Finger Lakes Ammunition is more than just a company; it is a testament to love of country and the values that have been passed down through generations. Our journey began with a commitment to craftsmanship, a dedication to quality, and a deep-rooted passion for the shooting sports.


In the heart of the Finger Lakes region, surrounded by the beauty of nature, we found inspiration to create ammunition that not only meets industry standards but exceeds them and reflects the spirit of our customers. Each bullet carries the pride of our name, a symbol of the care and attention that goes into every step of the manufacturing process.


Precision is not just a goal for us; it's a family tradition.


Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to the world of firearms, we understand that when you choose Finger Lakes Ammunition, you are not just selecting a product – you are choosing to be a part of our family story. Our commitment to excellence is a promise to deliver ammunition that you can rely on, whether you are on the range or exploring the great outdoors. As a family, we embrace new technologies and advancements in ballistics to ensure that our ammunition is a step ahead, providing an experience that resonates with the values we hold dear.


Thank you for supporting our family-owned business that values tradition and craftsmanship, where quality, freedom, and the great outdoors come together in every round we make.