New York State Ammunition Sales

FLX Ammo will initiate a background check utilizing the New York State National Instant Background Check System (NICS) prior to shipping any ammunition products within the state of New York.  You must contact us at 315-217-1333 to initiate the process, and one of our representatives will be able to review with you the required information to complete the NICS process.   


The service charge for utilizing NICS is $2.50.  Please select this service charge below which will be added  to your cart prior to checkout.  If NICS does not allow us to proceed with the sale, the ammunition product(s) will not be shipped and the $2.50 state background check fee will not be refunded.


Completing a background check prior to shipping your ammunition product will eliminate the need for any returns if the background check does not allow of the sale to proceed.  Please remember that a 2nd background check will be required when picking up your ammunition product from your local FFL that you choose.  


When shipping ammunition from a sale in New York State, we are required to ship those products to a FFL business of your choice.  Your local FFL business will conduct the background check and verify your identity when you pick up your order.  We recommend that you contact your FFL business that will recieve your order beforehand to understand their policy and any fees they have established when recieving ammunition orders.  In addition, FLX Ammo will ask for your FFL business contact information during the NICS check. We will contact the FFL business location that you identified to recieve your order prior to shipping to ensure an efficient process.

***All New York State Sales***

Must purchase the background check BEFORE adding ammunition to your cart! After purchasing background check, return to "All Other Ammuition Purchases" tab to see ammo selections.